Saturday, May 30, 2009

Accessories mania

Just clearing up some of my old accessories that I hardly wore... will update more soon.

A:-Bought in jakarta,end up not wearing-RM10.00
B:-Impulse purchase-RM5.00

Anya hindmarch

i*1 compartment inside

A non-authentic anya hindmarch replica bag,simply a unique one with it's vintage feel of an old man,an old house and some tree branches on the back,reminds you of the war back in vietnam.It's definitely a keeper,there's a hidden story in the prints.Bought in jakarta,the quality is top notch! an impulse purhcase of mine,bought a few with different prints but end up not using this one,consider as brand new as I never wore it,it comes with the tag still and with a dustbag.Bought for Rp224.000

Brand New

Monday, April 13, 2009

My sister's treasure!

Brand:-MNG (Design4)
Bought in Target australia (Design5)
Brand:-Momoe Design10
All this top are in top condition as my sister is a clean freak,so no need to worry about that! ;)
Most of it are bought overseas! :) awesome and suitable for tudung clad girls aye? :)

Sizes:-Eveyrthing fits from a uk6-uk10
RM20.00 (Each)
Status:-All available! ;)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Comic lover(SOLD)

Sorry the close up is a bit blur :S
Impulse purchase once again,Boy do I love to waste my money -__-".Worn only for trying purpose so it's brand new!
Brand New
Fits uk4-uk6

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Flowery tube(SOLD)

It's fully smocked,worn a couple of times but I can assure you it's in top condition.

Fits uk4-uk10

Authentic Billabong(SOLD)

The damage which is not really visible.Down there at the handle.
Inside,has a zip closure.

Yes,this is an authentic piece right here.Again,impulse purchase,bought for myself and end up not wearing it.As you can see the tag is still there.It's in top condition as i've never worn it except there's a few damage here and there and I swear to you it was already there when I bought it! =( I seriously didn't realize when I bought it.All the way from down under!

Brand New

Gucci rush

Mom bought it for me from jakarta,and she forgot that she has a huge daughter! -___-"
can't fit it,its totally brand new,worn for trying purpose only.Everything is in top condition except as you can see in the picture one of the black diamond is missing.Was already like that when I got it.

Brand New
Fits uk4-uk8

Valentines Crush

Now this piece is a special one ;) Worn it only once,yes that's right only once on valentines day :P and since Ive gain a few kilos ever since,I cant seem to fit this baby anymore.haha laugh all you want :P

Fits uk4-uk8(smocked behind)

Satin Tube(SOLD)

Look at this gorgeous satin tube,not forgetting the cute sash and the lacey material up there.Bought it for myself and end up not wearing it,somehow it just doesnt go with me.So it's brand new babes! only worn for trying purpose! Totally impulse purchase! You know us girls! :P
Brand New
Free size (smocked behind)

The beatles

Bought it for myself in Jakarta and end up not wearing it coz it's a tad bit small for me.eheh
So i'm letting it go,only worn for trying purpose.Considered as brand new!

Brand New!
Fits Uk4-Uk8

Glamorous Rockstar

This is considered as Brand new,someone bought it for me in Hong Kong and I end up not wearing it because it just doesn't fit me well.

Brand New
Fits Uk4-Uk10

Pink bag

Im selling this pink bag without the black thingy.Remember JUST the pink bag
but in excellent condition as I've only used it once

Letting go for Only
Shipping is still RM6 (post laju)